who we are

Batom Co., Ltd.

Batom Co., Ltd. based in Taichung (Taiwan), provides extensive manufacturing solutions for the production of high precision gears, transmissions and components.

Quality is our absolute priority and is our commitment to all our customers.

Batom: transmission gears manufacturer
Batom: transmission gears manufacturer
Batom: transmission gears manufacturer
What we do

Quality & Development

Our extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer our customers the quality, cost effectiveness and reliability they demand.

We are continually upgrading our production with investment in the latest production technology and automation.

New Sample Development

Our willingness and ability to manufacture new products for our customers in a short time frame is one of the reasons we can obtain the trust of our customers.

Our People

Our most important resource is our people. We strive to continuously improve training for all our employees and attract new talent to our company.