Company mission and vision


Company mission and vision

Our business philosophy consists of「Superior Quality, Customer's Satisfaction is Our Number One Priority, Corporate Growth for Future Generations.」

We will try to provide our customers with competitive and high-quality products for the purpose of fulfilling their needs and expectation.

The Words of the Chairman:"Hew a stone of hope out of a mountain of despair and you can make your life a splendid one."

Secure your future with BATOM

As one of the the world's leading system supplier for Electric Vehicle Transmissions technology, our family-owned company stands for almost 40 years of cutting-edge technology "Made in Taiwan". More than 250 employees are committed to ensuring that the expectations of our customers are continuously met.

Benefit from future-oriented BATOM technology, our high-quality products, tailor-made automation solutions as well as our world-class support. Rely on a strong partner and increase your competitive strength with us – now and in the future.

Dedicating our efforts to the development of sustainable products with low pollution, low carbon emissions and low energy consumption is one of the most fundamental and direct ways of fulfilling ESG.

We look forward to working as partners.


Provide cost-effective product & innovative service to leading manufacturer of global gear industry.


Honest, integrity、Customer Focus、Innovative Action、Perpetual operation、 Constantly learning、Continually improvement。


To be the leading manufacturer of precision gear & gear components.