Employee Ethics Violations Reporting System

Information and identity of the company reporting the matter will be kept confidential.

Batom Co., Ltd. human rights policy

Batom Co., Ltd. firmly believes that protection of human rights is the essential foundation for sustainable business operations. To ensure that each and every employee is treated fairly and with respect at workplace, we follow internationally recognized human rights conventions and put our commitments and policies concerning human rights in place. We also make sure that the company operations of the Batom Co., Ltd. Group do not violate or infringe human rights through a four-stage due diligence process in order to protect the rights of our employees and value chain partners.

Batom Co., Ltd. Guiding Principles

  • UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPBHR)
  • Global Sullivan Principles
  • Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct
  • Social Accountability 8000 International Standard

  • Scope

    The Batom Co., Ltd. Human Rights Policy applies to all Group companies, including all employees and across our entire business activities. The Policy also requires the same standards to be followed by our suppliers, outsourcing company, contractors, customers, and other value chain partners.

    Batom Co., Ltd. human rights policy

    While carrying out business operations activities, Great Taiwan Gear strictly complies with ordinances and relevant international regulations, such as the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) to practice corporate social responsibility,promote economic, environmental, and social progress, and achieve the goal of sustainable development. We set up an appropriate management system to ensure the implementation of social responsibility practices, moreover, we promise:

  • Comply with integrity and business ethics
    Uphold honest management, fairness, and transparency, prevent conflicts of interest, prohibit unreasonable tributes, entertainment, or other improper benefits, and any form of corruption, deception and bribery, and other improper acts; respect and protect the privacy and intellectual property rights of the company and others; prohibit obtaining improper benefits by manipulation, concealment, abuse, or other unfair trade.
  • Protect human rights and respect employees
    Abide by international labor human rights standards, respect employees’ freedom of association and collective bargaining rights, prohibit child labor and various forms of forced labor and human trafficking, care for socially vulnerable groups, prohibit employment discrimination and implement equal employment and fairness.
  • Safety, Health, and Environmental Protection
    The Environmental Management Unit is responsible for maintaining relevant environmental management systems, promoting specific action plans for occupational health and safety, disseminating sustainable consumption, and ensuring employees' physical and psychological well-being at work.
  • Supply chain management
    To be responsible for purchasing services, do not support or use metals and minerals from armed conflicts and illegal mining, obey the supplier management policy and commit to implementing corporate social responsibility.
  • Communication
    Organize relevant education and training events, ensure that policies promoting sustainable development can be effectively communicated and carry out issues that concern stakeholders. provide effective communication, and appropriate communication channels, and strengthen the spirit of sustainable development.
  • Employee Ethics Violations Reporting System

    Information and identity of the company reporting the matter will be kept confidential..

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