Our Organization

Organization Structure

Batom Organization

Management Team

  • Chairman

    Morley Lin
    • Chung Hsing UniversityExecutive Master of Business Administration
  • CEO

    Samuel Lin
    • Cheng Kung University Master of Architecture
  • General Manager's Office Vice President

    Ben Lin
    • Chung Hsing University Executive Master of Business Administration
  • Chairman's Office Senior Secretary

    Rita Tsai
    • Taichung University of Science and Technology Master of Department of Business Administration
  • Sales Deptment Vice President

    John Molamphy
    • NUI University Bachelor of Science
  • IT Office Chief Information Officer

    Eric Chou
    • Taiwan University Master of Information Engineering
  • Financial Deptment Deputy Manager

    Karier Chien
    • Chayang University of Technology Master of Accountancy
  • Production Deptment Assistant Vice President

    Neil Liu
    • Nan Jeon Universtiy of Science And Technology Bachelor of Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Supply Department Production management Assistant Vice President

    Mark Chen
    • Chaoyang University of Technology Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Sales Deptment Manager

    Yoshiki Tai
    • Chaoyang University of Technology Master of Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Quality Control Deptment Manager

    Sean Lee
    • Ling Tung University Bachelor of Department of Business Administration
  • Supply Department Purchasing Deputy Manager

    Bill Su
    • Ming-Dao High School Associate Degree of Electronic Engineering
  • Engineerling Deptment Manager

    Randy Lai
    • Kang Ning University Bachelor of Industrial Management
  • Human Resources Department Manager

    Jenny Lin
    • Changhua Normal University Master of Human Resources