DCT Gears and Shafts Set


To adapt to the higher demand of precision gears, Batom Co., Ltd had worked hard to put out the highest grade quality products for customers. The advanced equipment not only enable us to have the superior precision gear machining capability, but also have the special processing technique for complex diversified gear variation、gear profile modification、gear lead modification、gear twist and ripple.

Batom Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of high-accuracy gears and transmission parts for automotive applications. Our production capabilities allow us to offer our customers the quality, cost effectiveness and reliability they demand. We have considerable experience in the production of gears and shafts for AT, DCT, CVT and other automotive drive systems.

  • Module Range:M 0.2 to M20
  • Maximum Angle:± 45
  • Maximum Outer diameter:1,000mm
  • Maximum Gear Accuracy:DIN3962 DIN4 / JIS B 1702-1976 JIS0 / AGMA 200-A88 AGMA14
  • DCT Gears and Shafts Set
  • DCT Gears and Shafts Set