• Type Two Speed
  • Ratio 1st 13.98 / 2nd 9.52
  • Input Torque 225Nm Maximum / 88Nm Nominal
  • Input Power 150kW Maximum / 55kW Nominal
  • Max Input Speed ~13000 RPM
  • Efficiency >97%
  • Center Distance 200 mm
  • Lubrication Splash
  • Weight 45kg (with oil)
  • Shifting Time <0.5s
  • Shifting Actuator 12V DC
  • Parking System Optional
  • Electronic control


  • What is the difference between our EV 1-speed gearbox and 2-speed gearbox?

    According to the design of EV 2-speed gearbox, there is an extra gear ratio to shift the gears. The different gear ratio will affect the performance of motor and energy efficiency. The user can change the gears depends on road conditions to improve endurance and maneuverability.

  • What is the main difference between the EV gearbox and the fuel vehicle gearbox?

    The design of the EV gearbox is easier than the traditional fuel vehicle. The enhancement of motor also perform well at high/low speed without more shift gear. For last years, all the EV suppliers dedicate to increase the endurance for electric vehicle. There is almost 4.3% for improving energy benefit by NEDC simulation result for our 2-speed gearbox. Until now, we still keep studying for improving proposal.

  • What are the key points to pick the EV gearbox?

    The supplier will provide the basic specification for selection. In addition to match the external dimensions, the key point as below item.
    I.The input torque(Maximum/Rated) from motor
    II.The input rotating speed(Maximum/Rated) from motor
    III.Center distance between the location of input and output
    IV.Lubrication method/the kind of lubrication
    V.Parking and shifting mechanisms
    VI.The Layout of the vehicle

  • How to connect the gearbox with the motor?

    We will provide the drawing for customer to see if flange size and assembly position can match. If it is incompatible, you may have to modify.

  • How to lubricate the gear from the engine oil when operating our gearbox?

    When the gear was rotated by motor, the gear splash the engine oil. Then, lubricating all gears and form the oil film over the gear surface.

  • What is the material for the gearbox case?

    The shape of gearbox case is usually irregular. We used to use grey cast iron as material because it can reduce vibration and costs. We have focused on lightweight gearbox recently so aluminum alloy has replaced as the main material. You can see aluminum alloy die casting on the market.

  • What is the suitable temperature for the EV gearbox?

    The temperature depends on the design and the condition of oil. High temperature will have property change so the temperature of the gearbox used in vehicles should not exceed 90 degrees.

  • How to check the direction of rotating gearbox?

    You have to check the location of the gearbox on the vehicle, the condition of transmission and the direction of vehicle travel first. For instance, the input shaft is clockwise and it’s the same as the output shaft.

  • How to increase the acceleration for the electric vehicle?

    Base on design of the EV gearbox and keep motor performance
    According to F=ma, the higher output torque can bring higher acceleration to the vehicle. You can enlarge the gear ratio to have higher acceleration.

  • How to avoid the gear noise from the EV gearbox?

    The noise of the gearbox of electric vehicles is lower than the fuel vehicles. We focus on solving the noise of the gearbox, so we get on with improving gear precision, controlling the manufacturing process, and reducing human error.

  • What kind of noise may the gearbox make?

    The reason for the noise of the gearbox is the combined results of all internal and external conditions. At this stage, it is difficult to attribute the noise to a single cause. The external cause may be the locking condition of the engine foot, the mounting design of the gearbox. For Internal, causes may be damage to mechanism components, wrong assembly conditions. In addition to the items mentioned above, the resonance conditions by the gearbox must be considered.

  • What is the weight of our EV gearbox?

    Our 1-speed gearbox is about 30kilograms/66.1 pounds(with oil), and 2-speed is about 45kilogram/99.2pounds(with oil).

  • What is the gear ratio for the EV gearbox?

    We assume that there will be driving gear (number of teeth = 20T) and a driven gear (number of teeth = 40T) , the gear ratio is 1:2. While the two gears are meshing, it can be calculated from dividing the driven gear by the driving gear. The second-stage gear transmission is multiplied sequentially to get the final gear ratio.