Batom Co., Ltd. won the 29th National Award of Outstanding SMEs


A local company won the 29th National Rock Award

The Small and Medium Enterprises Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the National Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of China held the 29th National Rock Award this year, and jointly organized the Rock Award for Overseas Taiwanese Businessmen with the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee. It was announced on the 3rd. The 29th National Rock Award, which is the highest benchmark for enterprises.

Lin Sen (right), chairman of the local company, accepts the National Rock Award from President Tsai Ing-wen

Local Co., Ltd. was established in 1981. In the past 40 years since its establishment, in addition to being deeply involved in the development and manufacture of gears, it has accumulated rich experience in vehicle transmission and aerospace gears. It is also one of the suppliers of transmission gear systems for international electric vehicle manufacturers. Wing brake gear supplier. In the production line of the manufacturing surface, the automation and integration of production methods are used to improve efficiency, manufacture high-quality products, and quickly respond to customer needs on the business side, becoming the best partner of customers in the field of professional gear system applications. Outstanding performance in all aspects has been affirmed by the review. The Little Giant Award and the Golden Torch Award, and won the 29th National Rock Award, the highest benchmark for small and medium-sized enterprises, before (3).

Lin Sen, chairman of the local company, said that the local company is the first Tier 1 electric vehicle transmission system in China, and its self-developed single-speed gearbox for electric vehicles has actually been installed and put into operation. The development of two-speed gearboxes for electric vehicles, in addition to improving vehicle performance, can further achieve the effect of saving energy consumption, which is also the development trend of electric vehicles in the future. At the same time, through the strategic alliance to integrate excellent domestic industry players, actively develop electromechanical integration systems through mutual cooperation, strengthen the added value of products, and lay out the market for electric motorcycles and electric bicycles.

General Manager Lin Yimin emphasized that the local company will continue to provide high-quality products to meet the needs and expectations of customers with the concept of sustainable management, and create a professional, innovative, humanistic, and responsible corporate image in order to become a leader in the industry; the company named "Local ", that is, in line with the idea of staying rooted in Taiwan. The company also attaches great importance to social responsibility and employee welfare, and regards each employee as a member of the local family, and also contributes to the society and shares love together.

In the early days of the local company, it mainly represented European and American tool machinery and knives, and gradually grew from a parts trader to a manufacturing supplier; looking forward to the future, it is expected to transform from an OEM to an ODM manufacturer, cultivate its own R&D and manufacturing capabilities, and continue to develop The green energy industry and high-end application product customers must establish a complete production system and improve the technical connections and levels of upstream and downstream manufacturers, so that they can further grow into a manufacturing industry that provides design services in the future.